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Soulful Sister Aromatherapy provides you with only the purest aromatherapy products for your soulful self. So go ahead and shop for the products that indulge your soul. We guarantee that our aromatherapy products are free of parabens, SLS, petroleums and perfumes/chemical fragrances. Only 100% pure Essential Oils to blend your favourite scents.

Our Dragon’s Den experience…

Yes it’s true, Soulful Sister did go on the Dragons Den.  We had an awesome experience in front of the Dragons, with a surprising turnout.


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DIY Sugar Scrubs

DIY Sugar Scrubs Make your own awesome luxurious sugar scrubs from things you already have at home! Sugar scrubs exfoliate your skin, make it super soft, and feel amazing as if you’ve been to the spa. The best thing is that you won't have spent any money or even left...

5 Reasons to Love Lavender

Lavender, it smells like heaven. Like clouds, dreams, cozy duvets, warm tea and a summers day all in one sniff. We Love Lavender essential oil. It is one of the few oils that literally can be used for everything. It's properties are wide ranging so we can use it for...

Quick Fix Aromatherapy

Just shake, spray and breathe. We call it quick fix aromatherapy because it's simple and effective. Literally a quick fix using uncomplicated aromatherapy.   Here's why our Aromatherapy Misters are so awesome: 100% Natural The base of our misters contain natural...

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“My 11yr old daughter uses the Happy Tummy to settle her separation anxiety. She rolls it around her tummy to make her ‘nervous butterflies’ go away. She loves it.”
Kelly O.,  AB

“I am a long-time chronic migraine sufferer. It is not that often that I actually find something that helps me to cope better with my migraines. The Headache Relief product has been more helpful for me actually getting decent sleep when my head is being bad than anything my doctor has ever prescribed for pain management.”
I really am grateful for your product, would never have guessed that a mix of oils could be as soothing as it is.Thanks,
Courtenay, Vancouver BC
Deep Sleep “A wonderful concoction of lavender that is applied to the wrist before sleep, it has lulled me to dream land many times!  As someone with sleep apnea and fibromyalgia, I’ve come to rely on this product to ensure a good night’s rest.  Thank you.
Kathryn, Seattle WA

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