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Moving Out, With Essential Oils

Moving Out, With Essential Oils

Moving Out, With Essential Oils

When you’re moving away for the first time or the fiftieth, essential oils can help you every step of the way. While we venture into the fall season to school, a new apartment, a new job, or a new era in your life, big decisions can bring in unexpected stress, sleepless nights, and a chaotic sense of disorganization.
Thankfully, aromatherapy products like the Anti-Stress Mister,  Headache Relief and  Lavender Essential Oil can make this transition time, and time away from home as smooth as possible.




Sentimental comfort item you’re packing no matter what?

Essential oils?

Here’s our top 3 picks of Aromatherapy products to take on life’s new journey:


1. Anti-Stress Mister

Our headspace is affected by the environment built around us. We need to find focus and tranquility for handling projects, tasks, and well-deserved relaxation time without the stresses of the day haunting our enjoyment. The peppermint and fennel in the Anti Stress Mister are crisp and de-stressing, while the lavender and chamomile are soothing and calming. This is the perfect ‘quick-fix’ for clearing a bedroom of musty air, or wafting through a common space to help all your roommates relax at once.


2. Headache Relief

Being far from home does not mean far from comfort. Headache Relief is a versatile, powerful Roll On ready to do some heavy lifting when it comes to easing stress in your busy life. It provides super fast relief of headaches & neck /shoulder tension and also delivers a fantastic energy boost for late nights studying, working, or partying. This Roll On will be a travel companion wherever the day takes you, or the night ends up!

Just roll across the back of your neck and shoulders. Feel the relief sink into your muscles.


3. Lavender Essential Oil

This cheerful purple plant distills into one of the most incredible essential oils of the aromatherapy world. Lavender oil provides anxiety relief with every breath, de-stressed oxygen flows through your body, bringing mental clarity and relaxation. Lavender oil can be a compact member of a face wash routine, or first-aid-kit; lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be applied topically on the skin without irritation, it’s fantastic for clearing the skin of redness or acne, and can be applied to cuts or small burns to decrease the chance of infection or scarring.


Though moving away can be stressful for both parents and the mover-outer alike, moving also allows for unexpected growth, newly acquired skills and an adaption of living habits that’ll help make every move in the future a little less scary. Packing some Essential oil products can help you deal with things you can’t prepare for in a new environment.

Aromatherapy for Moving out




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