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No Fret Father’s day

No Fret Father’s day

Fathers like practical gifts, and what’s more practical than gifts that release low back pain, reduce snoring and take anxiety down a notch?

The men in your life aren’t naturally adverse to the fantastic benefits of aromatherapy, often times they just need to be introduced. Many men are just as curious about essential oils and natural solutions to problems as women are. Common issues afflicting men, such as back pain, difficulty sleeping, and pent up stress can have long-term, damaging effects if neglected, and once men know a product works, they’ll love it forever.

Where women hold stress and tension in their neck and shoulders, stress manifests in the lower back for men. Pain relief is a priceless gift. The most popular pain relieving essential oils for men are peppermint and eucalyptus; while both aid in soothing sore muscles, peppermint also has a cooling effect which boosts energy, and eucalyptus’ anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling and tension. Our Muscle Ache massage oil makes a great gift, as it contains the natural elements of muscle pain relief, along with grapefruit and cypress. Those bright, citrus oils are favourites for guys, and are famous for the lasting energy boosts they provide.

For a back pain free Fathers day, Muscle Ache massage oil is an awesome gift!

If sleep is disturbed because someone next to you is snoring like Puff the dragon, our Deep Sleep roll on could bring you both a peaceful slumber. Chronic snoring isn’t just a nighttime annoyance, left untreated it can cause serious health issues that can lead to sleep apnea and heart problems.

Our Deep Sleep roll on is simple to use and filled to the brim with essential oils to relax the body and mind.

The blend is made with Vetiver, a powerful oil, earthy oil with the unique ability to relieve anxiety and anger through entering the nervous system and calming the mind. Anxiety and anger are biggest culprits of restless sleeps, which can bring on snoring. Deep Sleep is simple and works quickly. Rolling on wrists, temples, front of neck or under your nose, the benefits of a fantastic nights sleep, improved mood, motivation, and mental clarity are easily attainable.

Our society places unreasonable pressures on all people; men frequently grow up with the unspoken expectation to bottle up emotions, which is an unhealthy habit for anyone, and can lead to chronic stress. The ability to create a calm environment where you live/ work is a crucial. Our Anti Stress Mister may not get rid of traffic or change the weather, but the Peppermint, Fennel, Lavender & Chamomile oils are sure to uplift your mood, allow you to take a deep breathe and give your energy a boost. Anti Stress is a great gift for anyone who wants a quick, efficient way to to create a calm atmosphere. Help make it a habit to be relaxed, not stressed this Father’s day.

Unique aromatherapy gifts for the men you love are easy to find and easy to use! Back pain, difficult sleeps, and unnecessary stress can be a thing of the past this Father’s day. Once men know a product works, they’ll have an aroma-therapeutic solution that works for the rest of their life.

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