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Time to Detox

Time to Detox

It’s January…Time to Detox!


Now, it’s January and we’re determined to eat whole foods, exercise more, go to yoga class and take up a new sport.

Good for you! Do all of that, and then have yourself a DETOX BATH.



Why have a detox bath?

  • Bath salts are SUPER duper EASY to make!*

  • Bath Salts with Essential Oils are a safe and relaxing way to DETOX your body.

  • The hot water from the bath opens up your pores, the salts and essential oils help FILTER TOXINS out of your body.

See the Soulful Sister YouTube Channel for DIY Bath Salts or Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Bath Salts for simple instructions to make your own amazing bath salts.






Where do these toxins come from?

Even when we’re eating well, exercising and meditating, we are still absorbing toxins from the world around us. Toxins come in the form of so many substances in our air and what we add to our bodies.


Some of the most common toxins are:

Pollution, Heavy Metals, Cleaners/Shampoos/Laundry Soap, Cosmetics, Chemicals & Fire Retardants.


One of the best things you can do to DETOX is to pay attention to what kind of shampoo, moisturizers, toothpaste & cosmetics you’re adding to your body.

Remember, skin is your biggest organ and your body absorbs everything you rub on it.  Read labels, ask questions, make sure you’re not unknowingly adding toxins to your body.



detox bath salt recipe



detox bath salt instructions

Mixing your own Bath Salts?

Here are some great Essential Oils to choose from:

If you only have one essential oil (that’s safe for a bath) then use that. You don’t always need to combine oils. Simple is nice too.

Enjoy your DETOX bath.

Happy Life.
















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