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Bergamot Pure Essential Oil



Bergamot Pure Essential Oil (FCF) Citrus bergamia

Bergamot Pure Essential Oil has a slightly spicy citrus scent. It’s an uplifting and refreshing oil.

  • Uplifting, depression reducing
  • Relaxing, stress reducing
  • Treats colds, fever & flu

Our Bergamot comes from Italy and is FCF (furocoumarin free). FCF refers to the ‘phototoxic’ properties of the oil, with this component removed the oil isn’t sensitive to the sunlight or UV rays.

This oil is best known for it’s uplifting, happy and de-stressing properties, making it wonderful when dealing with stress and depression. It has a sedative action that makes this oil helpful for tension and insomnia.

Bergamot is excellent for treating acne, eczema, skin irritations and other issues affecting the skin. It’s also helpful to soften cracked or dry skin.

Used in inhalations and chest rubs, Bergamot helps ease the symptoms of respiratory infections.  It’s used to treat colds, fever and flu.

Bergamot blends well with lavender, cypress and geranium.

Comes in a 10ml amber glass bottle with dropper.


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