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Bright Eyes


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Bright Eyes Serum

Bright Eyes serum reduces dark circles and tightens the skin under your eyes, leaving you looking bright and youthful! This lightening, tightening and wrinkle preventing essential oil blend of Chamomile, LemonLavender, Geranium and Helichrysum gives this serum its gorgeous aroma and will leave your skin feeling fresh, bright and uplifted.

The Bright Eyes nourishing eye serum contains carrier oils full of naturally occurring vitamins and Nutrients like Vit B,C & E which feed and nourish your skin. Plumb, nutritious rich skin takes longer to age and wrinkle. These amazing Carrier Oils bring the essential oils safely into your skin.


  • Each evening massage a small amount of the serum under each eye.
  • Start on the bone below the eye, rub in starting at bridge of nose toward the hairline.
  • Use on the side of eyes for fine lines and tightening.
  • Can be used around the mouth for fine lines.

Comes in 30ml/1fl.oz amber glass bottle with eye dropper for easy application.

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