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Ho Wood Pure Essential Oil



Ho Wood Pure Essential Oil

Ho Wood Pure Essential Oil (Cinnamomum camphora) comes from this evergreen tree that grows widely across Asia. We have come to love this oil as a sustainable replacement to Rosewood Oil. As Rosewood tree populations are rapidly dwindling, it’s time to stop harvesting them for lumber and for essential oils.

Ho Wood aroma is gorgeous, woody with hints of floral. It’s a peaceful, calming and aphrodisiac essential oil. You’d use it in your diffuser or blends to add feelings of love, contentment, sensuality and positivity. Because of it’s high content of Linalol this oil is a ‘feel-good calm’.

Ho Wood could be used in a blend for body/massage oil. Could be used in a blend for muscle pain or a relaxing oil. Could be added to salts for the bath or added to your diffuser.

Use Ho Wood as a sustainable replacement for all recipes calling for Rosewood. You’ll love it!

Comes in a 10ml amber bottle with dropper.



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