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Limitless Lavender

Limitless Lavender

Limitless Lavender

Lavender is a superhero among the ranks of essential oils. This favourite flowering herb has been our plant hero for over 2,500 years and continues to rise to the occasion in our 21st century life.

This super-oil is ready to fight stand by your side through any aliment holding you back from living your best life. Though lavender’s powers help almost everything from getting rid of headaches to aches and pains, it’s greatest victories lie in 3 areas:

1. Alleviating Anxiety 

The emotional toll of the hidden jobs in life, commuting to work, meal planning, getting kids to bed every night, can culminate into an ever present sense of frustration, upset stomachs, and tightness in body and mind. Thankfully, lavender has your back in the face of these foes.

Practical strategies include deep inhalation of the essential oil to help relax your nervous system; placing a few drops onto your wrist and holding your wrists together to absorb the lavender into your bloodstream (some effect); and adding a few drops into a diffuser for an all day reduction of stress.

Adding Lavender to your day will reduce stress from the routines of life.


Hand holding Lavender bunch

2. Healing Inflamed, Infected, or Scarred skin

Irritated skin has the malevolent ability to become a viscous cycle; itching leads to scratching, picking leads to more redness, scars can appear worryingly permanent – how can we win?
With lavender’s help, of course!

Though many essential oils are also noted for treating these issues, Lavender is unique because it can be applied directly to the skin without harsh drying effects that oils like tea tree can have. Lavender’s calming effect for the mind becomes a cooling property when applied to inflamed skin. This makes it a fantastic natural solution for small burns or rashes, as well as acne.

Acne, often promised to cease in adolescence, can effect every age demographic. An outbreak is often caused by clogged pores, bacteria, and heightened stress levels. Thanks to lavender’s ability to absorb excess oil while nourishing healthy skin, it’s antimicrobial prowess halting bacterial growth and the natural anxiety relief it provides.


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3. Improving Sleep

Nighttime is for putting the tribulations of the day to rest, but for many, shutting their brains off brings forth entirely new anxieties. Their coveted eight hours of sleep is unjustly stolen by insomnia, the inability to sleep at all. It’s exhausting thinking of how exhausted you’ll be the next morning after frustratedly tossing and turning all night. According to Stats Canada, over three million Canadians face this nocuous nocturnal enemy, and sleeping pills marketed as quick sleep solutions aren’t beneficial in the long run. However, there are plenty of natural solutions for a natural sleep. One such answer being Lavender.

Quality of sleep can be vastly improved with the use of Lavender and other sleepy essential oils. The deep inhalation method of breathing in a few drops of lavender essential oil. This helps relax and slow down your amygdala gland, the emotional centre of your brain, responsible for causing your mind to race at night. Other sleep facilitating methods include putting a few drops of Lavender on your pillow, or in a diffuser set up in the bedroom.

Adults aren’t the only people who have trouble sleeping, kids can have an equal set of issues when it comes to going to bed. Though they’re not concerned with paying a mortgage or filing taxes, sleep can still be a daunting, seemingly impossible task to undertake each night. Good sleep is crucial for developing brains. Kids who have nightmares, or are chronically restless after being tucked in can use the same methods as above to make bed time relaxing for all family members.

Lavender for Sleep


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