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Our Dragon’s Den experience…

Our Dragon’s Den experience…

Soulful Sister Aromatherapy on the Dragons Den


Season 8 (2014) of the Dragons Den saw Soulful Sister Aromatherapy take the stage. After a hugely successful audition in Victoria, BC with the producers of the show we were offered a spot on the show.

So off to CBC studios in Toronto we went. Myself, Joanne Arnold (owner of Soulful Sister) and Victoria Mitchell my Graphic Designer at the time.

We went through make up, hair and got microphoned. We were very quietly escorted into the back stage and there we waited for them to say “Action”. The door was opened and we walked through the silhouetted hallway, down the stairs and I opened with “Hello Dragons, my name is Joanne Arnold from Victoria BC, and I’m here to ask you to invest in my business.”  Once I started talking the nerves vanished. The Dragons asked us pretty typical questions with only a few sharp comments from Kevin and Arlene that we handled with ease.

They tried and loved our products but when it came time to show me the money, one by one they declined.  Everyone that is except ‘my man’ Jim Treliving.  Jim liked the business, and he said he’d invest but wanted to take 1/2 of the business.

Now, I didn’t want to sell 1/2 my business, but I accepted the deal with Jim. The rule for the show is that all deals are non binding, or as they say, everyone gets time to go through ‘due diligence.’ So I knew there was time to find out what working with Jim would be like

Very exciting! We did it!….or so I thought.

As Victoria and I were celebrating and packing our things to leave the studio, the producer came over and told us they had technical difficulties with our episode.  In fact she said in the 8 seasons the Dragons Den has been filming this has never happened before (lucky us).  We could only hope that the CBC editing room could save what we had filmed.

We were still elated but now the real work started.  We flew back to Victoria and began the Due Diligence process (and phew, what a process THAT was!).  In the end I didn’t feel we had the same intentions for my business and the product line so I ended up declining Jim’s offer. You could say that I ‘Followed My Soul’, for which I feel very proud and happy to have done. There are no hard feelings. Dealing with Jim Treliving’s team was a real pleasure. I’m so thankful to have made those connections and grateful to have had this experience. I personally grew enormously, as did my business acumen.

I want to extend a huge thank you to all my family, friends and Soulful Sister’s out there for the encouragent you offered me during our Dragons Den year.  For some reason our episode didn’t air but that won’t slow us down.  The sky is the limit for Soulful Sister and that’s where we’re headed.

Joanne Arnold

100% Owner of Soulful Sister Aromatherapy


  1. Ina

    Way to go, Joanne! Seems like the glitch in filming may have been somewhat of a universal message?

    I have been a proud user of Soulful Sister products for several years, and am so grateful that you are based here and your business continues to flourish.

    Keep up that great work 🙂

    • Soulful Sister

      Thanks for the awesome words Ina. Glad to hear you’re a ‘proud user’ of Soulful Sister products….Love that!!!

  2. patricia

    Sometimes things have a funny way of working out. That being said, I believe that things happens the way they are supposed to and everything happens for a reason. I found your product at Circle Craft a couple of years ago. I suffer from migraines and found that your Headache Relief truly is just that,a relief. It may not get rid of it but calms it down enough to help me function. I also use it one tight muscles, so cooling 🙂

    Thank you,

    • Soulful Sister

      So great to hear that you’re finding relief Patricia. Makes my day:)
      Yes, things do indeed work out and unfold in a beautiful way.
      Hope to see you again at Circle Craft. Please introduce yourself if you do!!

  3. Carla Higgins

    Hi there, I’m very interested in your products and live in Victoria as well — do you have a showroom where I could come and test some of them out?

    Many thanks!


  4. Annchen Bodenstab

    So happy that things are working out for you Joanne. Everything happens for a reason.,.,.,.and you seem to be doing amazingly well, Congratulations! .
    Joanne I was given ” Pure Ecstacy “as a gift and I would love to know where I can buy some more? I live in Tisdale, Saskatchewan . Right now I am in Florida for five months , but I will be back home in May. Can I order it off your website or do you have any outlets in the USA? Have a wonderful 2016 to you and your family.,.,.
    I thank you in anticipation ,
    Sincerely, Annchen Bodenstab.

  5. Sharon Wood

    My daughter first introduced me to Soulful Sister when she gave me a Deep Sleep roll on for my birthday about five years ago and I’ve been hooked every since. Your product is amazing. For my birthday this year (Nov 18) she sent me another Deep Sleep because I had used my bottle up, Lavendar Love bath salts and Lights Out Sleep Tea which I’m excited to try.

    Thank you very much for your company, keep on supplying because your product is wonderful!

    • Soulful Sister

      Thanks for sharing. Love to hear about people who sleep well!! You’re going to love all our products. Keep rolling on the Deep Sleep, and…..Happy Sleeping!!


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