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Australian Essential Oils

Australian Essential Oils

We have new Australian Essential Oils!

The land ‘down under’ is filled with amazing medicinal plants distilled into pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Our latest essential oils are absolutely exquisite. Coming directly from the distiller, grown organically from farmer to distiller.

Eucalyptus Radiata – This oil is in the same Eucalypts family as the better known Eucalyptus Globulus. Radiata is a warmer, earthier and less intense Eucalyptus and is often preferred for use with children. It still has all the same wonderful properties of Eucalyptus Globulus, great for breathing and respiratory ailments, sore or tired muscles, and fabulous for killing germs and bacteria.

Kunzea – This will be a new essential oil for most people. It’s aroma is both earthy and camphorous. Coming from Tasmania, it is exceptional when used as an analgesic and pain reliever. Dilute properly with a carrier oil to make a pain relieving rub.

Lemon Myrtle – Wow, smells more lemony than lemons! Absolutely a must have essential oil for adding an intense ‘lemon’ aroma to your diffuser. Lemon Myrtle is also exceptional as a cleaning product. Whether you add to your diffuser to clean the air in your home, or add to vinegar or water to make a natural household cleaner you will LOVE this. Feeling down? Need a boost to get your day started? A little Lemon Myrtle will do the trick as it’s a super happy aroma.

Lime – Lime is a universally loved aroma. This essential oil is used to treat depression, sadness or grieving. Smells like summer & happiness! Use this in your diffuser for a ‘pick me up’, or add it to any favourite EO.

Rosalina – Another WOW. This oil smells heavenly! Rosalina actually comes from the Tea Tree family and does not smell like Rose. It is called the ‘Lavender Tea Tree’, and really does have a gorgeous lavender undertone. It has all the properties of both Lavender & Tea Tree essential oils. It’s one of the few oils that can be applied ‘neat’ to the skin (just like Lavender & Tea Tree). This makes it perfect for any application that requires disinfecting, calming, oily skin, acne, air freshening & cleaning.  Super duper amazing mixed with Lemon Myrtle for a household cleaner.

Sandalwood – Sandalwood is a very precious essential oil, it is sensual and exquisite. This sandalwood is the highest grade Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album). It is grown on an eco farm in Australia, so it is a sustainable crop that uses a local, indigenous workforce. Sandalwood has to be very carefully sourced as it is a plant that is on the endangered species list. There’s not a lot of wild sandalwood left in the world because of it’s high value. Another reason we love this Sandalwood farm!

Good Day Pure Essential Oil Blend

We’ve combined 4 of our Australian Essential Oils into one most fabulous blend called GOOD DAY. Its a blend of Lemon Myrtle, Rosalina, Lime & Sandalwood. This is a very happy blend to use in your diffuser or to make a room or cleaning spray.

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